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Canna Boost is a flowering enhancer that enhances the development of new flowers, improves flavor and is more grateful for ripening.



Canna Rhizotonic

Canna Rhizotonic is a powerful alkali-based stimulator for roots. Rhizotonic stimulates root development, strengthens the plant’s resistance to plant diseases, as supported by both internal and external strength.

Rhizotonic 100% natural product and contains several vitamins. Rhizotonic effect on root space and good for complementary plant habitat. It has a calming effect on plants and is therefore ideal for changing soils or transferring them to a new pot. Rhizotonic also revives affected and diseased plants.

Suitable for use in the following growth stages, as many as in aquaculture. It can also be administered as a leaf feed and, at its simplest, acting to raise the pH of the nutrient solution.

Rhizotonic with more than 60 microbiological ingredients that accelerate growth and balance the root habitat. Various stimulant ingredients, as well as vitamins, have been added to the products by accelerating plant hormone production and root growth by creating a stronger root system.

A good end result starts with healthy plants. There are many different ways to enhance growth and promote plant well-being (EC and pH monitoring, lighting, ventilation, temperature, etc.) Rhizotonic uses here, from rooting to a long growth phase. Another important part of the supplement is the strong hormone oligosaccharide in the roots. Scientific studies have shown its effects advantageously on root cell formation, without negative side effects. With Rhizotonic, you get beautiful, strong and white roots. Canna Rhizotonic revitalizes and provides first aid to plants affected in various ways.


Shake well before use
Dosage in 100 liters of water Rhizotonic nutrient 400 ml (1: 250)
Dosage 1-6 times a day on an important medium
As a direct leaf feeding, only a strong root system has formed
When replanting pre-fertilizers growing medium on Rhizotonic
Raise the pH of the nutrient solution, such as adjusting the pH last
Rhizotonicin works better when the EC value of the nutrient solution is low
Instructions for fairness and change
Suitable for use in soil and aquaculture on all growing media.
Too much fertilization is detrimental to plants, soil and nature in general.
Store closed, out of light and at room temperature.
Keep out of reach of children



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