Plagron Perlite, baked volcanic rock, 60 L

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baked volcanic rock

pH: 6,5 – 8,0
EC: 0,1 – 0,2 mS/cm
RHP 029ST11

Mixing: 5 – 35% Perlite into the soil

– provides an airy substrate and improved drainage
– is germ-free
– provides the ideal water / air ratio
– stimulates root development

Tips from Plagron:
– can also be used as a hydrological substrate
– Creates root space under a tray of cuttings
– ideal supplement with every soil mixture from Plagron

System hydro
Model Potting substrates
Model II Hydrosubstrates
Model III Perlite
SKU 109460
Brand Plagron
Shape grainy
operational phase grow and bloom phase