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We are pleased with the variety of hunting results. Thus we present our unique strain collection offering a quality guarantee to all varieties of hunters. If you are not pleased with the quality of your selected strain we give you a money back guarantee.

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Nordic Shaman presents a unique strain collection

For your own protection, we require you to inquire about and comply with all local laws and international laws governing the purchase of marijuana seeds/cannabis seeds in your part of the world. Because in many countries, it is illegal to germinate these cannabis seeds. Therefore by ordering you confirm that you checked your local and international law and it is safe to do so and that the responsibility for that decision rests solely upon you. All cannabis seeds/ marijuana seeds are for educational and Souvenir purposes only By using this site, you agree to this disclaimer in full.

Strain Indica/Sativa Genetics Height Yield Flowering Time
Lemon Haze – feminized Mostly Sativa Lemon Skunk X Silver Haze 100-120cm 550-650 g / m2 7-9 weeks
Amnesia – White Widow feminized Hybrid Amnesia X White Widow 100-120cm 550-650 g / m2 8-9 weeks
White Widow – feminized Hybrid White Widow 90-110cm 550-650 g / m2 8-9 weeks
Critical – White Widow feminized Mostly Indica Critical Mass X White Widow 120-140cm 450-600 g / m2 8 weeks
Tangie – OG Kush feminized Hybrid Tangle X OG Kush 100-120cm 550-650 g / m2 7-9 weeks
OG Kush – feminized Indica OG Kush 100-120cm 450-600 g / m2 8-9 weeks
Purple Tangie  – feminized Mostly Sativa Tangle 100-120cm 550-650 g / m2 7-9 weeks
Herijuana – Buddha Sister – feminized Mostly Indica Herijuana X Buddha Sister 100-120cm 550-650 g / m2 7-9 weeks
Fire OG – The White – feminized ( WiFi OG ) Hybrid Fire OG X The White 100-120cm 550-650 g / m2 7-9 weeks
AUTO Northern Lights – feminized Mostly Indica Northern Lights Auto 100-125cm 450-600 g / m2 11 Weeks from seed
AUTO Cheese – feminized Mostly Indica Cheese Auto 100-125cm 450-600 g / m2 12 Weeks from seed
AUTO Skunk – feminized Mostly Indica Skunk Auto 100-125cm 450-600 g / m2 13 Weeks from seed
Goji Glue feminized Mostly Indica Goji OG X Gorilla Glue 100-140cm 550-650 g / m2 7-9 weeks
Bubba Kush – feminized Hybrid OG Kush X Uknown Indica 90-110cm 550-650 g / m2 7-9 weeks
Santa Maria – feminized Hybrid Brazilian Sativa X Silver Pearl 120-140cm 450-600 g / m2 7-9 weeks
NL5 – Haze – feminized Mostly Sativa NL5 X Haze 120-140cm 550-650 g / m2 7-11 weeks
Coma Kush – feminized Indica Coma Kush 120-140cm 450-600 g / m2 9 weeks
OG Kush – Sour Diesel – feminized Hybrid OG Kush X Sour Diesel 110-130cm 450-600 g / m2 8-9 weeks

Nordic Shaman unique strain collection



Nordic Shaman

Our passion is to understand the development of cultural understanding. For decades, we have gathered information on trends. ... från den finska Lapplands norrsken kommer den nordiska shamanen alltid att vägleda dig till en magisk tur med sitt kraftfulla ljus av upplysning baserat på ära, ärlighet och familjevärden för att du ska förstå att den förtrollande shamanen inte är in för alla som alla andra om du inte vill låta dig köpa till de billigaste priserna, är det bästa av det bästa.

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Lemon Haze – feminized, Amnesia – White Widow feminized, White Widow – feminized, Critical – White Widow feminized, Tangie – OG Kush feminized, OG Kush – feminized, Purple Tangie  – feminized, Herijuana – Buddha Sister – feminized, Fire OG – The White – feminized ( WiFi OG ), AUTO Northern Lights – feminized, AUTO Cheese – feminized, AUTO Skunk – feminized, Goji Glue feminized, Bubba Kush – feminized, Santa Maria – feminized, NL5 – Haze – feminized, Coma Kush – feminized, OG Kush – Sour Diesel – feminized


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