(Mild) 7pot Burgundy (C. chinense)

(Mild) Cajamarca (C. chinense)

(Hot) Murupi Amarela (C. frutescens)

(Hot) Rocato (C. chinense)



7pot Burgundy

Very nice, rare variation of the classic 7pot variety. This one has huge, quite juicy flesh that has a very pleasing 7pot-like aroma with very, very intense heat. Produces amazing amount of large pods every time. Very good as a fresh, powder or smoked and powdered. Some extreme chileheads might even stuff these monsters!


Stunningly beautiful looking compact plant with multi-colored pods with green, creamy white and yellow, purple, orange and red tones. Not a typical chinense taste. The taste resembles some Ajis a little, like Aji Norteno. Very mild, heat level 3 and below on a scale 0-10. The compact shape makes it great also for indoor / bonsai / bonchi growing. Very easy to grow. Ideal for both beginners and chileheads.
Extremely rare.

Dogo Nyoni

Some frutescens peppers were taken from Americas to Africa long ago, finding there a new character due to different climate and farming. Many of these peppers are
called “Piri Piri” there. Dogo Nyoni is an excellent example of this kind of
hot pepper. It tastes quite a lot like famous Tabasco pepper without being
exactly similar to it – and believe us, this one is hot! Grows nicely in pots
and makes a great bonsai, too!

Murupi Amarela

Very rare, unique variety that has one of the greatest Capsicum chinense tastes one can find. This one looks very different compared to most common chinenses. The plant is very compact and gives great set of pods. Heat level is very intense, be careful when cooking with this one. One of the greatest chile powders can be done with this variety. The pods look very strange and pretty in their own way.



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7pot Burgundy, Cajamarca, Dogo Nyoni, Murupi Amarela