Large Flower drops therapy set

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Our crops
We cultivate Rosenrot and Angelica the crops are at Torneälvensstrand north of the Arctic Circle. we use no fertilizer, but we strive to cultivate plant ash in as natural a way as possible.

All work with our crops takes place for hand planting and weed cleaning.

The rose root may grow for 6 years then dig up the roots washed by hand, the roots are selected to be cut into small pieces and dried in plant drier.

Mountain swans are 2-3 year old and the first year it is necessary to clean the weeds carefully

after the second – third year you can harvest the mountain woman the whole plant is useful leaves and souls are dried

The root must be dug up washed and cut into pieces and dried.

Because the work with the crops takes place in advance and on a small scale. The plants must be in a natural beauty spot, and that the plants have received a lot of sunlight in the summer and hardened by real winter. We believe they have given them plenty of power. We also believe that the plants have a consciousness and that is characterized by the surroundings and how we handle them, we hope that we have been able to create a harmony in the way we grow and develop as a uniqueness of the day, given that everything in the world seems to be more and more industrialized and mechanized.

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Flower drops from Tornedalen
The flower drops are made on flowers here in the north, which is interesting that the flowers and plants here in the north get a lot of light because we have midnight sun which gave them a high bioenergy.

Flower drops from Tornedalen

We have storage bottles of the Flower Drops from Tornedalen.Terapeutset for those who want to work with the flower drops.

If you want a bottle of use then we can make a mix for you.

Normally you choose 1-3 flowers for your individual bottle, from the mixture 2-4 drops 2-4g / day for 3-4 weeks

Choosing a suitable mix can be done in different ways, for example:

1) Here you can look at the flower pictures choose three flowers that you are drawn to: then read what the flowers stand for and feel if it is something you want to order here.

2) Phone consultation for health to choose a mix.

3) You can also let the computer choose a mixture of three o see if it can be suitable for you.

Flower drops from Tornedalen.

Picture: Flower drops therapy one with bearing bottles in box of birch.

contact for more information if you are interested in working with flower drops from Tornedalen

from a storage bottles you make about 80-100 working bottles.


Production of the Flower Drops:
The flower drops from the Tornedalen are made according to the same method as Dr. Edvard Bach (1886-1936) made use of. I was inspired
to make flower drops by the teachers at the phytotherapy course in Frantsila and the Finnish Flower Drops. I had been told that the plants in the north
had higher bioenergy than the corresponding plants to the south, this aroused my interest in producing flower drops from the north. During
in the summer of 2010 I had the opportunity to stay in the "midnight sun country" in Tornedalen and its pure nature. The flowers I used to
producing the flowers the drops are the ones included in the list.
The effects of the flower drops I have tried myself to and received to me during meditation. I want to emphasize that the results are based on
my experiences and certainly not based on facts or scientific truth. Everyone can try and use the flower drops themselves
know how they affect you.
I want to be humble in the greatness and diversity of nature and the enormous potential of plants that are far greater than we can imagine.
The flower drops are most likely to have more properties and effects far more than I could describe here. This is just the beginning of
to map and compile the flower drops and its effects. Therefore, I am interested in hearing how the users of flowers
The drops experience them and describe them.
Flower drops have been used to balance negative emotional states that usually lower our immune system and cause different physical and
mental disorders.
Floral drops are safe to use, they can be used to improve the state of mind and for increased self-awareness. They can be used
as support treatment for other therapies.
Flower drops can be used with other common medicines.
How to Use the Flower Drops:
Get acquainted with the flowers and the description of the flowers. Feel intuitive or consult a therapist to choose which flowers
that best suits you and your loved ones.
From a storage bottle you can make about 80 use bottles. The storage bottle usually lasts for tens of years, while the use bottle should
be used immediately as its shelf life is only a few weeks. The use bottle durability can be slightly extended by adding alcohol 1tsk
(5ml) to 30ml use bottle.

Production bottle use:
Choose one or more Flower Therapy products, from storage bottles, take two drops of each in a 30 ml clean well water bottle. Intake
from the use bottle 2-4 drops 2-4g per day either directly in the mouth or in half a glass of water for a few weeks, or according to
needs. If you think you react too sharply to reduce the dosage.
Flower drops can also be used externally for example. Bath. Dosage for foot bath: 5-10 drops. From the use bottle you can iron on directly
skin or mix in massage oil.
Flower drops with Candles from the North, Happiness and well-being from the Flowers.

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Laponia Herbs


Naturen i polcirkens land är för oss det centrala med två extrema årstider med midnatt sol på sommaren och Mörker kyla på vintern . Vi tror naturen växter och djur har anpassat sig till det extrema klimatet här och har förmåga att absorbera sommarens Ljus och därför har extra kraft att ge till oss för att vi ska orka med den kalla och långa mörka vintern. Vi tror också att det är ljuset i växterna här i norr som gör att vi mår bra och får oss att växa på alla plan. Tillsammans med mina föräldrar släkt och vänner odlar vi nu några växter som varit av betydelse för folket här i norr bla. Fjällkvanne och Rosenrot. Vi har uppfattat blommorna här uppe som väldigt intressanta det resultera i att vi tagit fram en serie blomsterdroppar från blommor i Torne lappmark. Blomsterdroppar från Tornedalen. Vi har också intresse för gammal folktradition, kultur, och leverne i Tornedalen .Sökandet efter sitt ursprung och identitet har lett oss till att utforska mer av de shamanska och de som är naturnära och varit naturligt för natur folken i alla tider.