Full spectrum Oil 5% 30ml ( Limited edition )

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Hemp oil

Hemp oil is another product of our product family. Finnish Finola oil hemp is extracted into olive and hemp seed oil. The hemp raw material is hand-picked and picked from the organic field, so the product is an innovation created by Finnish handicraft and professionalism. With the addition of hemp oil, omega and other antioxidants contained in hemp are included. A broad spectrum of biologically active molecules and their interaction (synergistic effect) promotes the restoration of a balanced functioning of the endocannabinoid system, which plays an important role in the creation and maintenance of our daily health. . Put the droplets under the tongue for 1-2 minutes before swallowing, to ensure better oil absorption. Can also be enjoyed with 1/4 of a glass of water or juice, which is good to enjoy immediately. Talk to your doctor before using the product during pregnancy, breast-feeding, illness or medication. Shake before use. Store in a dry and cool place (at room temperature) Keep out of the reach of children. A dietary supplement does not replace a varied diet. Hemp oil is domestic, handmade and lovingly made. We deliver all our products from our domestic stock. Gluten-Free ⎜Lactose-free ⎜Vegan | No additives


Nordic Shaman

Our passion is to understand the development of cultural understanding. For decades, we have gathered information on trends. ... från den finska Lapplands norrsken kommer den nordiska shamanen alltid att vägleda dig till en magisk tur med sitt kraftfulla ljus av upplysning baserat på ära, ärlighet och familjevärden för att du ska förstå att den förtrollande shamanen inte är in för alla som alla andra om du inte vill låta dig köpa till de billigaste priserna, är det bästa av det bästa.