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(Hot) Black Cobra (C. annuum)

(Hot) Devil’s Brew(C. annuum)

(Mild)  Hot Tomato(C. annuum)

(Hot) Purira(C. annuum)



This seed kit is all about the basic chile pepper varieties. They are fast to grow but can be a little challenging to overwinter and might not produce continuous yield as easily as many other species do.

Black Cobra

This prolific, fast and compact plant produces very hot pods which often turn black before finally ripening bright red. This one of the hottest C. annuum peppers and perfect for hot Asian and Mexican cooking! From USA/Mexico

Devil’s Brew

A devilish variety which heat type makes it feel hotter than it actually is. Very good for asian/chinese/indian style cooking. The plant is very bushy which produces so many pods even in smaller container. Ideal for outdoor/patio/balcony growing.

Hot Tomato

A very thick fleshed, sweet pods with mild-medium pungency.
Especially good with salsas and salads.  Easy to grow outdoors.
Very fast to mature. This common pod type originates from Hungary. Great for stuffing with cheese, minced meat or rice.


A surprisingly poorly known favorite from Mexican cuisine!
This beautiful pepper is among the hottest annuum peppers



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Black Cobra, Devil's Brew, Hot Tomato, Purira