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(Hot) Fatalii C. chinense

(Hot) Habanero, Caribbean Red C. chinense

(Hot) Moruga Scorpion C. chinense

(Hot) Pimenta Diomar C. chinense

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A nice looking,  extremely hot African pepper with scary bite and a lot of potential
for cooking! Some sources even claim this is one of the early ancestors for Naga-series chile peppers.

This plant will give amazing yields. It scored 318 000 scoville heat units on tests several years ago, which is a lot less than many varieties these days will give.
Even so, this variety is definitely among the ones which actually feel the hottest.
Very painful, insane experience to take a bite from this pod!
One of the true favorites of all time.

Fatalii peppers were one of the reasons for Fatalii’s chile pepper site to happen. Why? You might ask? Just try it and find out!(easy to grow – recommended super hot variety for beginners)


Habanero, Caribbean Red

This beautiful pepper offers all the things we love about Habanero. Bright red pods
are fiery hot and full of that unique flavor suitable for especially Caribbean–style cooking.

Produces incredible amount of pods each season!

From Cuba.

Moruga Scorpion


This is one of the varieties I’m the most scared of at the moment.
Moruga Scorpion is the hottest pepper measured in the world. Recent HPLC tests gave it the highest result of 2,009,231 Scoville heat units!!
The Measured pods were grown from seeds originating from fataliiseeds.net!
Just horrible heat level even when compared to any other hottest chiles at the moment.
Besides it containing the most amount of capcaisin, it also feels the worst out there.
So intense.
The taste is very good too but the heat will hit so quickly that you will practically lose your mind and concentration in that second!
This is the one you shouldn’t buy as it`s way too hot for any of us!
Limited supply!
Grows well indoors, balconies, outdoors, greenhouse

Pimenta Diomar

As Brazil is in the very heart of the chili
peppers and their birth place, it is not too surprising that it has lots of
very unique varieties to offer. Here is a very nice example: Pimenta Diomar’s
bright red pods have a very different shape from Caribbean Habanero and other
familiar commercial chinense peppers. The heat is there, though, and some say
this tastes at least as good as the more common chinense peppers…

Very compact plant which produces extremely high yields.
One of the most prolific plants ever seen.

Great for bonsai chili growing.



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Fatalii, Habanero, Caribbean Red, Moruga Scorpion, Pimenta Diomar