CO2 Bag

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Completely safe to use and easy to install.
Improve your plant growth, quality and productivity.
One of the most important growth factors for green plants.

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Carbon dioxide is like oxygen to plants and therefore one of the most important growth factors for green plants. All plants need carbon dioxide to grow. If a plant does not get enough carbon dioxide from the air, it will grow more slowly. CO2Bag is an efficient, easy and inexpensive way to produce more carbon dioxide in the farm.

Improve your plant growth, quality and productivity.
Carbon bag for indoor use; by far the smallest and most efficient product on the market!
Improves taste, color and yield.
Completely safe to use, easy to install and it is maintenance free!

When and where is it used? Apply CO2Bag 2-3 weeks after seeding. Make 6 holes in the top of the bag and hang it above your plants. In large greenhouses, hang a bag over the corridors. CO2Bag produces carbon dioxide at temperatures above 18 ºC. Keep the bag closed in a cool dry place below 18 ºC.

How long it will take?
When the contents of the CO2Bag come in contact with oxygen, it begins to produce carbon dioxide in your rearing space. It may take a couple of days for production to begin. Depending on the ventilation, one CO2Bag is sufficient to meet the carbon requirements of a farm of up to 5 m2 for 1-3 months.

How do you maximize the benefits?
With the help of extra carbon dioxide, plants can tolerate higher temperatures of 3-5 ºC, but at the same time their water consumption and nutrient requirements increase. So be sure to increase the amount of water, nutrients, and light to maximize the benefits of CO2Bag.