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Canna Boost is a flowering enhancer that enhances the development of new flowers, improves flavor, and is more grateful for ripening.



Canna Boost

Canna Boost is the most effective flowering enhancer in the nutrient range, developed especially for plant qualities with a short life cycle. It enhances the development of new flowers. It improves the taste and ripening is more appreciative.

Canna Boost is suitable for use on all growing media and all cultivation techniques, both indoors and outdoors. It can also be given by leaf-feeding by spraying.

Recommended for use with PK 13/14 nutrient.


Shake well before use
Dosage in 100 liters of water nutrient 200-400 ml (1: 500-250) from the formation of the first flowers.
Use the reconstituted nutrient solution within 7 days.
Observe nutrient shelf life, proper storage, and other instructions.
Suitable for use in soil and aquaculture as well as for leaf feeding.
Too much fertilization is detrimental to plants, soil, and nature in general.
Store closed, out of light, and at room temperature.
Keep out of reach of children.



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