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(Hot) Rocoto, Guatemala Orange C. pubescens

(Hot) Locato C. pubescens

(Hot) Rocoto, Peron C. pubescens

(Hot) Rocoto, Rio Huallago C. pubescens



This seed kit is all about the great Rocotos from Andean mountains. They all are quite hot and have a super juicy, thick flesh. Most of these varieties have big pods. Rocotos are favorite chile peppers of many chilheads and for a good reason! Simply put, they are simply chile peppers to drool for.

Rocoto, Guatemala Orange

A pretty, orange rocoto variety from Guatemala that bears a lot of great tasting juicy pods. Makes a great smoked powder. Recommended for outdoor growing as rocotos tend to like colder nights, the days can however still be very warm. Use a large container for decent crops.


Rocoto variety with quite small pods. Very hot and tasty.
Great for canning. The plant is extremely beautiful when it’s full of pretty, purple flowers. Also very prolific plant.
Grows very nicely even in smaller pot.
This can also be referred as ”indoor rocoto”. From Bolivia.

Rocoto, Peron

A rocoto variety with a LOT of heat. The aroma is great. Very good in all forms, fresh, powdered and smoked powder. Gives great yield but needs a longer season than varieties among other chile pepper species. Ideal variety for rocoto lovers who like to have it hot! Tolerates cold weather very well.

Rocoto, Rio Huallago

Rocoto variety which is super prolific. Grows very well outside even in cold climates. Loves colder nights and warm, sunny days. Has quite a lot heat which is still quite pleasant with cooking, like Rocotos usually are. The taste is very good and  the pods are very juicy!





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