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(Mild) Bishop’s Hat (C. baccatum)

(Hot) Bolivian Rainbow (C. annuum)

(Hot) Cabai Burung Ungu (C. frutescens)

(Hot)  Habanero, West Indian Yellow (C. chinense)



 Bishop’s Hat

This variety is also known by a name of ”Bishop’s Crown’.

Very sweet and mild variety. Quite easy to grow. Enjoys high temperatures but can also be grown outdoors even in colder climates. Very suitable for indoor growing too.
A great substitute for ordinary bell peppers.

Bolivian Rainbow

One of the most beautiful and easiest ornamental pepper plants you can find!
This small, compact plant is pretty even in the wintertime – but wait until it receives
enough sunshine or suitable artificial light! The dark green leaves will turn
shiny deep purple, almost black. The cone-shaped, erect pods go through colors
of green, purple, pink, yellow and orange before ripening bright red! There are
usually pods of all these colors in the plant at the same time, making it a
perennial favorite of many people. The pods are moderately hot and perfectly
usable in cooking.

Cabai Burung Ungu

This absolutely great variety reminds a lot of another amazing variety, Trepadeira Werner. This variety has also thick fleshed pods which mature to orange. The aroma is very good and it has medium heat. Very easy to grow in smaller pots. Always gives great yields even in not-so-ideal conditions. If you had t o choose only couple of varieties, I would definitely recommend this one to be one of them.

Habanero, West Indian Yellow

A mild seasoning pepper from the island of Trinidad. It tastes quite different from another mild Caribbean chinense variety, ”Pink Habanero”, with gentle, pleasant, slightly sweet flavor very usable for salads for example. The bright yellow pods are simply beautiful! If you like the habanero aroma without the intense heat, this is the one for you.





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