@guinhaomonstro: @Dybezin adiciona o marauder tb nessa lista, sepa que vou comprar o Shaman ou o Marauder

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@metricausa: RT @khmiga: What an amazing story (and entertaining!) of the HGP by David Haussler (@ucscgenomics). Great scientific story. (Even with credit to shaman Pheonix Eagleshadow). Great way to kick off #t2thprc. https://t.co/N1pFzWBZzt

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@ghetto_shaman: RT @gr33nbot: https://t.co/X6paFNho0J

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@nedjgud: RT @ShamanDurek: Embrace what you fear the most.So embrace yourself.That is the only thing you fear -Shaman Durek

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@BabaT55311315: @donholtmac @surgerysleeper @mark_georgiou @imkimaaron @Catheri77148739 @mirandahasrisen @michellmybell1 @pray2pesci @Random_acct @zalphaprime @SDarkmore @0x526978 @AzArmyVet @robster16a @Tokyogreen @Realist_Dragon @Kopernikus1966 @bender29962 @TertiusIII @geraldpayne25 @Schmoop0521 @TakeThatEpi @LeannEAF @marybethvarnell @ExMissionary @DawnRLFreeman @orna_verum @Atheist_1978 @MysteriousWay15 @ByronJBignell @RealizingJesus @RosaRubicon @robmcallen9565 @1jcartwright @2Cents69 @TedPerkins10 @SmokeyStafford @C_82l @halcyondon @NRA_TacoBowl_MS @NancyConner42 @Elishabenabuya @Simple_Shaman @Atlanticus74 @LegendZane @Melbajapan @paulr140 @Loriniowa @Dpsthatheist Given the tweets I’ve seen in the context given. And your general demeanor. I have no doubts you think you hold a moral high ground by insisting a woman has not been raped if she does not scream. I often wonder if men think about their mothers when they make comments like that.

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@_lilshaman: RT @keeppeacers: Tapes dropping Sunday yall!! Now that’s who I call lil Shaman! Now that’s who I call tom tracy!

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@_demerda_: @ltdathayde Cê viu q vai ter outro Shaman King?

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@shaman_anon: RT @RLong_Bailey: 1. Overseas Operations Bill up before the house today is a ‘gross injustice’ to veterans, say lawyers. Not only this, human rights organisations state the bill could decriminalise torture, war crimes and crimes against humanity https://t.co/5DBCtbCRmy

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@kilisama_marisa: @shaman_Miko_ …그건 넘어가 바보야.

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@evasnchez1999: Va a salir la nueva d Inuyasha, ataque d los titanes y la nueva d Shaman King algo bueno tenia q tener 2020

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